Why live in Spain?


Great warm weather all year round with very little rain and low humidity, make Spain one of the healthiest places in the world to live. The World Health Organization declared that the Costa Blanca was one of the best areas to live because of the absence of extreme changes in temperatures and clean air.

The Mediterranean Diet:

With fresh fruit and vegetables together with virgin olive oil, the Spanish Mediterranean diet is a winner for those who want to have better quality of life. Olive oil has been found to reduce harmful cholesterol from our system, helping us to live a much more active life; a glass of wine a day has also been found to improve your health, so isn't it about time you came and viewed your new Spanish home?

Stunning Scenery:

For those who have visited other regions in Spain, you will know that Spain is an incredibly diverse country, with a constantly changing landscape. Coastal areas, mountainous regions, valleys, deserts, rivers and lakes make up this beautiful territory, together with modern cities and quaint traditional villages. Having a property in Spain is not only a way of life but a change of direction and an important choice not to be taken lightly.

An Active way of Life:

An excellent climate allows for a lot more outdoor activity, exercise and socializing. Spain is the perfect place to take up golf, play tennis or just to see how people go about their daily tasks. Walking, jogging, swimming…all are great ways to keep in shape and get the most out of life.
An open and hospitable country: The Spanish warm to those who come to visit their country. Each year Spain welcomes hundreds of thousands of new visitors in search of good weather, culture and just plain fun. Why is it that so many people want to come to Spain? Why not find out for yourself?

Cost of living:

Both food and eating out are much cheaper than in other European countries. Heating, water, local taxes are all a fraction of what it costs back home. Make a comparison between what you buy every week from your local supermarket with what it costs in any grocery store or supermarket in Spain. You'll be amazed at the difference.

Culture and history:

Spain has always been at the heart of the different empires that have conquered it. From the northern tribes, through to the Romans and then the North African Mores, Spain has become a unique place of historical importance giving birth to artists and poets such as the likes of Picasso, Lorca, Dalí, Almodóvar…
Spain has traditions and customs that have originated from all over the world, weaving a tapestry of architecture and a diverse social makeup giving this country a true identity leaving visitors with a taste of somewhere special.


Spain is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of transport. High speed trains (AVE) and new and improved airports allowing for an attractive place for both bossiness and leisure. Any place in Europe is a little more than a short flight away.

Major Events:

Formula 1, Tennis, Football, Cycling, international Boat racing; could there be a country more involved with sporting events than this one? Spain is also always on the agenda for musical and cultural events with some of the biggest bands and artists always returning to Spain. U2 and other big artists always have Spain in their tour diaries.

Specific wishes

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